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Урьдчилан шүүлтүүрийн агаар шүүгч

  • http://www.sffiltech.com/img/panel_pre__filter.jpg

Panel pre- filter


Type: Pre-filter
Media: Polyester fiber
Frame: Galvanized steel/Aluminum/ABS
Recommended final pressure drop: 250Pa
Temperature: 100ºC maximum in continuous service
Application: As a pre-filter in air-condition system,fan coil filter

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Давуу тал
Metal mesh support at downstream,with strengthening cross together
"V" shape of stainless steel wire designed at the upstream, user can replace the material very easy ,the frame can be reused
Filter media and frame bonded by adhesive,can ensure no bypass or leakage even under large air flow
Hasp available,if needed by installation type
Thickness vs Efficiency vs Pressure drop Dimensions vs Air flow

how to choose the heap filter?
1.Odd sizes available
2.Pressure drop
3.Frame: GZ galvanized steel,aluminum abs plastic
4.Filter efficiency:
7.Frame thickness
8.Up side: gasket or not?
9.Sealing ring or not?
10.Down side:gasket or not?
11.Sealing ring or not?