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Automatic Self Cleaning Filter Housing

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Food Grade DFM DFG Series Backwashing Automatic Filter Housing
Food Grade DFM DFG Series Backwashing Automatic Filter Housing

Food Grade DFM DFG Series Backwashing Automatic Filter Housing


Full automatic filtering housing system

Full automatic inner scraper filter housing- DFM / DFG series;

Sffiltech, one the world's leading manufacturer of self-cleaning filter housing, has a full series of scraper type self-cleaning filter products. There are following sub series of DFX motor driving external scraper;

.DFM motor driving internal scraper

.DFG pneumatic motor driving internal scraper

Which are suitable for different occasions that can fully meet all kinds of mechanical self-cleaning and filtering requirements of industrial customers.

Self-cleaning filter housing (DFM motor driving)

Self-cleaning filter housing (DFG pneumatic motor driving)

DFM series scraper self-cleaning filter housing (DFM filter for short) is a Sffiltech’s independent research and development of late-model high efficiency scraper self-cleaning filter housing. Through the mechanical curettage method to automatically clean up the filter element of the inner surface of the particulate impurities, which ensures continuous online filtering.

DFM filter housing is mainly designed for high viscosity filter, the applicable viscosity is up to 10000CPS and precision range is 50-1500 microns. Which can scrape off the impurity of the filter element fast and efficiently. It is suitable for high viscosity, fibrous impurity liquid filtering.

DFM filter housing follows the Sffiltech’s high performance, high quality, high reliability design and manufacturing standards of the international first-class quality.

The traditional filter housing during filtering the viscous material and soft impurities will be frequently blocked, so it can only choose large filters or timely manual cleaning, which needs big investment and heavy work, resulting in serious waste of material. DFM filter housing can easily solve this kind of problem with advanced self-cleaning method and always keeps the filter clean. It discharges waste liquid containing high concentration of impurities, and reduce material waste. When filtering water and adhesive, resin, polymer, oil and other viscous materials with poor water quality, it has obvious advantages and higher efficiency.

With the significant technical advantages and low operating costs, DFM filter gradually replaces the traditional manual filter in many areas, such as vibration screen, bag filter, basket filter, and some back washing type filter housing and so on.

Characteristic for DFM DFG series back washing automatic filter housing:

1. Internal and external mirror surface polishing: any stains can be removed by light wiping. Clean and beautiful appearance:

2. Feeding strong magnetic protection: ensures that foreign metal do not damage the equipment:

3. Wedge metal mesh: no secondary pollution, durable, reducing filter consumables and labor costs.

4 Stainless steel flexible scraper: the knife is 100% closely fitted with the screen, with good scraping effect, high permeability of the screen and low internal pressure the production efficiency is improved.

5. Low speed operation: 7~13 rpm operation, no pressure extrusion, no temperature change.

6. Automatic slag removal: monitor the slag content in the sewage collection chamber through the concentration meter to ensure smooth filtration of the equipment under normal pressure or slight pressure.

7. Double spiral shaft: double spiral structure is adopted, which can squeeze the mixed liquor and discharge the dry slag to the maximum extent at the same time, it has the function of positive and negative rotation to reduce the failure rate of slag discharge mechanism.

8. Automatic circulation: When the slag is drained, the slag liquid flows back to the liquid inlet through the circulation system and then re filters and circulates to ensure the solid-liquid separation has no loss of stock solution.

9. Easy to operate: after setting program parameters according to the actual working conditions of the customer, one key switch is used for automatic operation. If maintenance and cleaning are required the cover opening is convenient and labor-saving, and the slag discharge mechanism is easy to disassemble.

DFM/DFG scraper filter element

DFM/DFG working principle

How is filtering status?

Liquid flows from the inlet, into internal spiral flexible scraper that is tightly attached to the surface of the filter element. It then flows from inner surface of filter element to outlet .All the impurities will be trapped in the inner surface, as time passes, the impurities are gradually increasing and the differential pressure is rising, which needs to get cleaned form the filter element.

How is the cleaning status?

Motor driving scraper motion cleaning filter element, uses the method of fuzzy control theory to approach the parameters of fluid technology to control the scraper brush cleaning and reasonable emission. It will approximate the filter wear and the loss of liquid flow to the minimum, when helical flexible scraper is removing the impurities from filter element, the impurities will produce downward centrifugal force then precipitate to the collecting cavity and is taken away by the scraper. Each cleaning is composed of multiple stroke, after the filter element surface cleaned, the filtration ability is recovered. When cleaning the filter, the flow should not be interrupted.

How is releasing the dirt status?

After some times of cleaning cycles, the impurities accumulate to a certain amount. PLC control program automatically or manually open the sewage valve, discharge of waste liquid containing high concentration of impurities; If necessary, can also be recycle.

Technical features and advantages:

1. Screw shaving, especially good at filtering viscous liquid, remove viscous suspension impurities.

2. Structure is simple, easy to disassemble and to remove the filter element, the internal easy to clean.

3. Full automatic operation, continuous online filtering and end heavy filter element replacement and cleaning work.

4. Cost of material and environmental protection, no disposable supplies.

5. Equipped with high precision filter element to meet all kinds of filter needs.

6. The filter pressure loss is very small, the flow rate is stable, and the energy consumption is saved.

7. Closed filter to prevent the leakage of hazardous materials, is conducive to safe production and health of employees.

8. The concentration of the waste liquid is high, and the waste can be recycled, and the loss of the high value material is reduced.

9. Optional advanced control systems, powerful, efficient operation and high reliability;

10. Selection of the world's well-known brands of components, high reliability, low operating costs.

11. Standard industrial process control DCS interface, remote observation and control can be achieved.

12. The pneumatic motor is selected according to the environment.

Main model of filterDFM273 || DFM273 III DFM500 DFM800 DFM1800
Filtering area (m2)0.32 0.43 0.82 1.4 7.5
Volume (L)72 85 200 600 6000
Size of inlet and outletDN50/80 DN50/80 DN80/200 DN80/300 DN100/500
Size of drain outletDN50/80 DN50/80 DN50/80 DN80 DN150
Applicable liquidHigh viscosity liquid (< 80.000mPas) impurity mass < 1000ppm)
Filtering precision25-2000μm
Standard design pressure rating1.0MPa higher can be customized
Design temperature0-200C (depending on seals)
Cleaning differential pressure50-100KPa (determined by liquid viscosity)
Differential pressure instrumentPressure transmitter or differential pressure transmitter
Inlet and outlet connection standardFlange. HG20592-2009 (standard design) HG20615-2009 (compatible with ANSI B16.5): ON11851 round thread union
Filter element seriesMS/NS/AS
Shell wetted material304/316L/2205
Scraper materialPTFE/304/316L
Shell sealing materialNBR/EPDM/VITON/silicone rubber/FEP coated silicone rubber
Filter element sealing material brigadeNBR/EPDM/VITON/silicone rubber/FEP coated silicone rubber
Piston rod sealing materialNBR/PU /VITON
Blowdown and slag discharge valveFull bore pneumatic ball valve                                        Single acting or double acting 304/316
Utility supply requirements220V AC 0.4-0.6MPa clean dry compressed air for control system

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