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Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries
Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries
Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries
Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries
Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries
Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries

Chinese manufactured polyester filter bag for cement, metal, wood, iron, steel, pharmacy and food industries

Basic commercial terms of polyester filter bag:

Place of OriginShanghai, China
CertificationISO, FDA
Product ItemChina Manufacture Polyester Filter Bag For Cement Metal Wood Iron Steel Pharmacy Food
Minimum Order Quantity10pcs  (1pcs free sample)
Packaging DetailsThe inner packing is in plastic bags The outer packing is in carton Large volume can also support custom packaging
Delivery Time7-30days after deposit. According to the specific order quantity.                                        1-7days for sample
Port of shipmentShanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Lianyungang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen or Others
Payment Terms30% Deposit, balance TT on copy B/L. Other payment methods can be negotiated according to the order requirements
Supply Ability:100000pcs/month
OEM/ODMYes, we can support customized, like size, shape, material
After-sales Services1 year warranty after we both sign the plant investigation usually for this one

What is a polyester filter bag?

The polyester filter bag is made of 100% filament polyester fiber raw material. According to the characteristics of the working conditions and usage requirements, different production equipment and manufacturing processes are used. Various denier polyester fibers are mixed through needling, and then subjected to singeing, heat setting, and rolling to produce polyester felt with high filtration performance. Afterwards, a conventional polyester filter bag is made by sewing with polyester felt.

What are the special production procedures for polyester filter bags?

The polyester filter bag is made of polyester needle felt. The most conventional polyester needle felt on the market only needs to be needle punched, singed, heat set, and rolled before use. However, in some complex working conditions with special requirements such as high filtration.

Special production procedures can be used to increase the performance and efficiency of filter bags according to the customer’s demand:

Filter bags can be treated with singeing, calendaring, {water and oil repellent}, PTFE impregnation coating and lamination accordingly.

What are the advantages of polyester filter bags?

1. The biggest advantage of polyester felt is its higher cost-effectiveness compared to other filter felt, which is why it is also commonly used in many bag house systems.

2. Polyester is a type of filter that uses interlaced and evenly distributed short fibers to filter air, with a porosity of up to 70%, which is twice that of woven filter fabric.

3. High dust removal efficiency and low gas emission concentration.

4. The surface of polyester is processed by hot rolling, singeing or coating to make it flat and smooth. Due to these treatments:

It is not easily clogged

Does not deformed

It is easy to clean

It has a long service life.

5. The room temperature polyester needle felt has a relatively large porosity, good breathing ability, and a wide range of uses.

6. Polyester has strong chemical stability. Usually, polyester room temperature needle punched felt can not only filter room temperature gases but also corrosive gases containing acids and alkali.

7.It has normal continuous operation at temperatures ≤ 130 ℃, with a wide range of adaptability.

8. Polyester room temperature needle punched felt can filter water and oil, and is an ideal filtering material for room temperature working conditions and liquid-solid separation.

Why Do You Choose SFFILTECH Polyester Filter Bag?

1. Reliable product quality

1) SFFILTECH has 3 production software works and 22 advanced filter bag patents to support the long service life and quality of filter bags

2) SFFILTECH strictly follows ISO standard process production, and in reality, some automated production

3) SFFILTECH factory has a set of quality inspection processes and supporting personnel for pre-production, during production, and post production

4) If necessary, third-party laboratory quality inspection reports for each batch of products can be provided

2. Stable and timely shipment

1) SFFILTECH's over 20 brand new filter bag production machines and equipment are capable of continuous and stable production

2) Stable and continuous periodic procurement, production, and storage of raw materials and accessories

3) Independent warehouse provides a large amount of space for storage pending shipment

4) SFFILTECH has over ten years of experience as a production worker

3. Safe and reliable funds

1) Since its establishment, SFFILTECH has been cooperating with the most reliable banks in China, ensuring the safety of funds

2) SFFILTECH supports multiple payment methods and can collaborate with third-party banks and enterprises to ensure the security of customer funds

3) Integrity has always been one of the purposes of SFFILTECH

4. High quality pre-sales and after-sales service

1) SFFILTECH has multiple experienced sales personnel providing 24-hour service

2) SFFILTECH can provide one-on-one online instant after-sales support, as well as overseas after-sales services

3) SFFILTECH has multiple agents worldwide and branches can provide services

How to Check What Kinds of Filter Bag Needed By Your Bag House?

When you need to replace an old filter bag

1. If you have the filter bag already in hand, then just take some picture for us first. Then we can get knowledge more than 80% if we can make.

2. If you can send us the samples, then we can analyses the sample bag material and treatment.

3. We can make one sample for you to try your bag house within a few days.

When you want to establish a new filtering system and need some advice

1. We will send you one investigation file for you to fill, all about your bag house condition, like temperature, chemical content and others. After you fill it back to us, we will suggest you one kind filter bag to try.

2. Our engineer can arrange one online with your engineer or plant investigation for you.


What are the chemical properties of polyester filter bags?

ItemFilter TypeContinuous TemperaturePeak TemperatureResistance to HydrolysisResistance to AcidsResistance to AlkalisResistance to OxidationPH Value
AcrylicPolyacrylnitrile homopolymer125°C140°Cgoodgoodmoderategood3-11

What are the physical and mechanical properties of polyester filter bags?

ConstructionNeedle punch felt
Fiber CompositionPolyester
Scrim CompositionPolyester
Felt Area Weight350--600g/m2(±5%)
Mean Air Permeability10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp)900    N / 5cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft)1300 N / 5cm
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-MD(warp)20%
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-CMD(weft)40%
Dry Shrinkage MD(130℃(warp)<1.5 %
Dry Shrinkage CMD(130℃(weft)<1.5 %
Operating Temperatures Recommended Maximum Continuous<130 deg C 130 deg C
Recommended Maximum Surge150 deg C
FinishHeat set, singed, calendared W/O Repellent

What are the conventional size and weight parameters of polyester filter bags?

Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Weight (g/㎡)
120、130、133、155、180、200、250、292、3001000、1500、2000、2400、25000、2480、2800、3000、3200、3600、4000、4400、5000、6000、8000350, 400, 450, 500, 550, 600
Most commonly used dimensions133mm*1500mm、133mm*2000mm、133mm*2500mm
Most commonly used weight450g, 500g
We can customize diameter, length, and weight for you

What industries are polyester filter bags used in?

Polyester filter bags are widely used in food, medicine, petroleum, paint, coating, chemical industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, automobile, light industry and other fields.

Specific applications of dust filter bags in various working conditions:

Application for filter bag in Cement industry plant: crushing, grinding, coal grinding, material transportation, dust removal on the top of the warehouse, raw metal grinding, cement grinding, packaging.

Metallurgical plants: electric furnaces, blast furnaces, desulfurization furnaces, induction furnaces, casting, sandblasting, barrel furnaces.

Power plant: material conveyor, smoke (powder) dust treatment, surrounding ash storage.

Aluminum plant: fluidized bed dry cleaning tower, venturi jet dry cleaning tower, carbon dust, anode crushing, electrolytic aluminum production dust.

Food industry plant: fluidized bed dry cleaning tower, venturi jet dry cleaning tower, self-baking dry cleaning tower, carbon dust.

Food/pharmaceutical industry plant: additives, drying section, flour/grain processing, sugar and pesticide tablets, packaging.

Chemicals industry plant: plastic fibers, resins, tires/rubber, coking, bleaching powder, packaging.

Each plant will require different filter bags.

For more details we have the configuration file for you to choose the right filter bag. Or you can visit us directly, we will give you full guidance


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