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Low Diffusion Flow Polyethersulfone Sterilization Folding Filter Element

Low Diffusion Flow Polyethersulfone Sterilization Folding Filter Element


This filter element is an improved new liquid sterilization filter element. Its low diffusion flow level ensures the sterilization effect. Each filter element passes the factory integrity test, which can ensure the integrity and sterilization effect of the filter element.

Product characteristics

Low diffusion flow

The integrity test ensures the sterilization effect

Provides a wide range of chemical compatibility, pH working range 1-14

The filter element is formed without adhesive and surfactant, which can effectively reduce the risk of precipitation

Application area

1) Food and beverage:

Sterilization and filtration of fruit wine, yellow rice wine and wine

Turbidity removal of Baijiu liquor

Sterilization and filtration of packaging water and production water

2) Medicine:

Sterilization and filtration of large infusion, small injection and large batch of liquid medicine

Sterilization and filtration of cleaning solution and disinfectant

Sterilization and filtration of antibiotic aqueous materials


material structure

Filter materilPolyethersulfone filter membrane
Support / diversion layerpolypropylene
Center rod / housing / end cappolypropylene

          Filter element performance

Maximum operating temperature90°C
Maximum working differential pressure4.0 bar / 21°C      2.4bar / 80°C
Maximum allowable reverse differential pressure2bar/21℃
Steam sterilization121℃/30min
Filtration area0.6-0.7㎡/10"
Bubble point pressure (0.22) μ m)
Diffusion flow
≥ 0.34mpa (pure water)
biosafety< 30mg per 10 "dissolved matter
Endotoxin < 0.25eu/ml

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