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350 to 600 GSM Needle Punched Felt Polypropylene PP Filter Cloth
350 to 600 GSM Needle Punched Felt Polypropylene PP Filter Cloth

350 to 600 GSM Needle Punched Felt Polypropylene PP Filter Cloth




Polypropylene needle punched filter felt is generally made of 3D or 6D polypropylene short fibers, woven with high-strength silk to enhance the base of the fabric . Afterwards, it is goes through post treatment processes such as needle reinforcement, calendaring, and heat setting.


In addition to some advantages of ordinary needle punched filter felt, Polypropylene needle punched felt is generally used in situations with flue gas temperature below 100 ℃ and in environments with high acidity or alkalinity . It another main application is in liquid-solid separation fields with high acidity or alkalinity, due to its superior acid alkali resistance and lower softening point compared to polyester fiber.

In terms of liquid filtration, polypropylene needle punched felt filter bags are usually equipped with liquid-solid separation equipment such as plate and frame filter presses, vacuum suction filters, bag filters and centrifugal filters. It has the following characteristics; good dimensional stability, high strength and long service life. It also has an advantages of low resistance and easy cleaning process.


Polypropylene needle punched filter felt is mainly used in liquid-solid separation fields in industries such as metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, food etc.

ProductPP felt
Base fabric100%PP
Square gram weight450g/m2
Air permeability140L/dm2.min
Breaking strength - longitudinal≥1200 N/5cm
Breaking strength - transverse≥1200 N/5cm
Elongation @ 200N/5cm - Longitudinal<5%
Elongation @ 200N/5cm - Lateral<5%
Heat shrinkage1%
Blasting strength>300 N/cm2
Continuous working temperature90℃
Instantaneous working temperature100℃
Post treatmentheat setting, sintering and pressing

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