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350 to 600 GSM Nonwoven PE Polyester Filter Cloth
350 to 600 GSM Nonwoven PE Polyester Filter Cloth
350 to 600 GSM Nonwoven PE Polyester Filter Cloth

350 to 600 GSM Nonwoven PE Polyester Filter Cloth




Polyester felt are made of 100% filament polyester fiber.

For polyester fiber needled felt production normal temperature is used .Afterwards, it goes through non-woven needle-punched process using fiber staggered, equally distributed uniform fine fiber cloth .The Polyester staple fiber with polyester twisted yarn is produced .It then receives the following treatments like heating, singeing or coating on the surface as post-production process, make its surface level smooth .So that it cannot get blocked by dust easily.

The filter material porosity and permeability is very good. It is used very extensively .It has a strong resistance to chemicals. Thereby it can filter room temperature gases as well as the corrosive gases containing acid and alkali. Besides usage as Air/dust filter it can also be used as water and oil filter under normal temperature condition, solid-liquid separation in such areas it is the ideal filter material.


Breaking Elongation is less than 20% for MD and 40% for CMD, low dry shrinkage, can work well in the 130℃. The material is cheaper than other material, so widely used in a lot of bag house system.

Polyester fiber needled felt bag surface is very smooth achieving the lowest degree of dynamic and running resistance. The resistance of porosity depends on the bag material and shape.

In General filter bag has great filtration efficiency. The higher the air quantity is, the lower resistance there will be. Hence filtration process gets more efficient as it can save a lot of energy.

It’s usage in air blow dust precipitator, at the same pressure, the same air volume of air dust. Due to the weaving techniques used it has a higher breathing ability rate compared to other filter bag materials .Therefore, the filter material achieves high filtration precision .Our company has done a lot of research on how to improve the porosity , the degree of the surface smoothness, reduction of dust adhesion, reduction of the running resistance . Our factory developed new resinification and weaving techniques to produce smooth surface finishing needled filter felt bag .With 50% higher porosity than that of other filter material and smoother surface for pressure stability.

1. Operation temperature: 150℃,

2. Good acid, alkali, hydrolysis resistance

3. Mean Air Permeability: 10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O

Available Finish: singed, calendar, PTFE membrane, W/O


Polyester filter bag widely used in mine, limestone, cement, iron and steel industries. Aluminum delivery, electrolytic aluminum, non-ferrous metal production, wood processing, food processing and pharmaceutical industries.


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