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Coconut shell activated carbon

Coconut shell activated carbon


Coconut shell activated carbon:

It is made from high-quality coconut shell as raw material and processed through a series of production procedures. Using high-quality coconut shells from Southeast Asia as raw materials, it is refined and processed through carbonization, high-temperature activation, and pre-treatment.

The activated carbon adopts a special process to perform high-strength shaping on the it’s particles, almost completely removing the easily worn parts such as needle shaped, pointed, and angular shapes in the particles .

The particle shape is filled and is uniform, greatly improving the wear resistance of the product. After entering the factory, there is no need for pre-grinding and it can be directly used after washing with water.  

Coconut shell activated carbon filter has a black and granular appearance with well-developed pore structure, large specific surface area, high wear resistance, fast adsorption speed, good performance, large adsorption capacity, high strength, easy desorption, reusability and economic durability.


Particle size (mesh)

4-8, 6-12, 10-28, 12-20, 8-30, 12-30, 20-50 mesh

Filling density (g/ml)


Strength (%)


Ash content (%)


Moisture content (%)


Iodine adsorption value (mg/g)


Methylene blue adsorption value (mg/g)


PH value

7-11 or 6.5-7.5 or 7-8.5

Specific surface area (m2/g)


High standard purified Water activity activated carbon

Requirements for heavy metals in activated carbon used in Water filter: arsenic10ppb, aluminum200ppb, iron200ppb, manganese200ppb, lead200ppb


Coconut shell granular activated carbon filter is often used in gas phase adsorption. Which usually allows the airflow to be adsorbed through the activated carbon layer. According to the different states of the activated carbon layer in the adsorption device, there are following types of adsorption layers:

Fixed layer, moving layer, and flowing layer. However, in small absorbers such as refrigerators and deodorizers in cars, adsorption relies on gas convection and diffusion. In addition to granular activated carbon ,the activated carbon fibers and activated carbon composites are also widely used in gas phase adsorption and their usage is increasing overt the time.  

2. The air in instrument rooms, air conditioning rooms, basements and underwater facilities often contains body odor, smoking odor, cooking odor, oil, organic and inorganic sulfides and corrosive components etc. Due to external pollution or the influence of human activities in enclosed environments causing corrosion of precision instruments or affecting human health. Activated carbon filter can be used for Filtration to remove impurities.

3. Coconut shell activated carbon filter can be used in the exhaust gases of the following factories;

Chemicals , leather , paint and engineering projects that use various organic solvents that contains various inorganic and organic sulfides, hydrocarbons, chlorine gas, oil, mercury, and other harmful components to the environment. Activated carbon filter can be used for adsorption before discharge. The gas discharged from atomic energy facilities contains radioactive substances such as krypton, xenon, and iodine which must be adsorbed clean with activated carbon before being discharged.

The smoke generated by the combustion of coal and heavy oil contains sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides which are harmful components that pollute the atmosphere and form acid rain. They can also be adsorbed and removed using activated carbon filter.  

4. There are many using scenarios of coconut shell activated carbon filter for refining gas. Such as: Gas mask, Cigarette filter, refrigerator deodorizer, automobile exhaust gas treatment device etc. All of them use the excellent adsorption performance of activated carbon filter to remove toxic and harmful components or odorous components from the gas. For example, after adding 100-120ng activated carbon filter compound to the Cigarette filter, a large part of harmful components in the smoke can be removed.  

5. Activated carbon compound for sweetening: used as a carrier for gasoline sweetening (deodorization) catalysts in catalytic units of refineries.

6. Vinyl on catalyst activated carbon compound: used in the chemical industry as a catalyst carrier, such as vinyl acetate catalyst carrier.  

7. Monosodium glutamate refining activated carbon compound;

Used for decolorization and refining of mother liquor in the production procedure of monosodium glutamate and fine chemical products.  

8. Cigarette filter special activated carbon compound;

Used in Cigarette filter in the cigarette industry to remove tar, nicotine and other toxic and harmful substances in cigarettes.  

9. Special activated carbon filter for citric acid;

Used for decolorization, refining and deodorization of citric acid, amino acid, Cystine and other acids.  

10. Special activated carbon filter for direct drinking water treatment;

It is used for deep Water purification of domestic direct drinking water, water treatment in waterworks and barreled water production.


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