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Pool Pool Water Filters Cartridge For Filter Housinng

Pool Pool Water Filters Cartridge For Filter Housinng


The diameter of GHFB series large flow filter element is 170mm, and the maximum filtration area of a single filter element is more than 12m2. It has larger filtration area and sewage capacity, and the maximum flow can reach 120m3 / h. It can greatly reduce the number of filter elements and the size of filter shell, and make the filtration system have higher filtration flow while occupying less space. The flow direction is from outside to outside. A wide range of chemical solubility can be used in a variety of fields.

Technical Parameter

Filter material: Polypropylene

Filtration area: ≥ 12m2

Guide / support layer: Polypropylene

Inner cage / end cover / connecting ring: Polypropylene

Outer diameter of filter element: 170mm

Outer diameter of end cover: 200 mm

Inner diameter of filter element: 71.5mm

Sealing size: 100 mm

Length: 40 "(1016mm) 60" (1524mm)

Sealing material: silicone rubber, EPDM

Filtration accuracy: 1 μ m, 5 μ m, 10 μ m, 15 μ m, 20 μ m, 50 μ m, 70 μ m, 100 μ M

Test flow: 40 inch 5 μ m ≥ 60m3 / h

Maximum working temperature: 82 ℃

Maximum working pressure difference: 0.38mpa @ 21 ℃ / 0.05Mpa 15MPa@82 ℃

Recommended replacement differential pressure: 2.4bar @ 20 ℃


High density folding and large filtration area

Increase filtration area and contaminant capacity, prolong service life

Reduce the number of filter elements in the system, reduce the volume of the shell and save the cost

With PP framework, it is not easy to deform, and can withstand larger reverse pressure difference Deep filtration reduces machine maintenance and replacement time, and reduces operation cost


Make up water for boiler in power plant


Condensate filtration

Advanced treatment of wastewater


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