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polyester filter bag are made of 100% filament polyester fiber,after needle punched, singed heat set calender for the raw polyester filter felt material, then polyester filter felt can be sewn into polyester filter bags.


Polyester bag filters Breaking Elongation is less than 20% for MD and 40% for CMD,low dry shrinkage, can work well in the 130 deg C. the material is cheaper than other material, so widely used in a lot of bag house system.

Techinical data

Shanghai Filterbag Factory Co., Ltd  
500gsm polyester needle punched felt+water&oil repellent  
ConstructionNeedle felt
Fibre CompositionPolyester
Scrim CompositionPolyester
Felt Area Weight500g/m2(±5%)
Mean Air Permeability10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O
Breaking Strength-MD(warp)900 N / 5cm
Breaking Strength-CMD(weft)1300 N / 5cm
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-MD(warp)20%
Breaking Elongation( N/5cm)-CMD(weft)40%
Dry Shrinkage MD(130℃warp)<1.5 %
Dry Shrinkage CMD(130℃weft)<1.5 %
Operating Temperatures<130 deg C
Recommended Maximum Continuous130 deg C   
Recommended Maximum Surge150 deg C      
FinishHeat set, singed, calendared W/O Repellent

1. Operation temperature 150 Deg c,

2. the max surge is 150 deg c.

3. good anti-acid, good anti-alkali ,good hydrolysis stability

4. Mean Air Permeability: 10-15 m3/m2/min@12.7mmH2O

5. It is the cheapest filter media in the bag filter filtration field. Polyester bag filter is the most popular items in the bag house system.

Available Finish: singed,calendar,heat set PTFE membrane,W/O,anti-static treatment.

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Polyester filter bag widely used in mine, limestone, cement, iron and steel industries,alumina delivery, electrolytic aluminum, non-ferrous metal production, wood processing, food processing and pharmacy industry.


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