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Activated carbon filter elements are generally divided into several types

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 5

The reason why the water purifier can provide us with the cleanest and healthiest water source is that it contains activated carbon filter element, which filters out all the impurities and dirt. Which activated carbon filter element should we choose? The main raw materials of this filter element are granular active powder material and inorganic liquid adhesive, which are then added to the mold and produced by compression molding. The function is quite good. It can adsorb the miscellaneous taste, colors and very small impurities in the water. It can be used for at least three months and at most about half a year. It should be replaced in time when it expires. 2、 Granular active Kou filter element, whose raw materials are fruit shell, coconut shell and coal, is a kind of black granular object, which not only has the function of simple filtration, but also can catalyze, and can adsorb all the pesticide compounds and pesticides left in the water. 3、 After the activated carbon filter element, this filter element has the effect of sterilization and bacteriostasis, and can effectively increase the oxygen content of water. People will taste better when they drink it. The service life is relatively long, and the longest one can be used for one and a half years.

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