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Advantages and disadvantages of glass fiber filter element

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 3

The glass fiber filter element usually refers to the glass fiber filter element, which belongs to a kind of deep filtration filter element. The manufacturing process is winding. It is widely used in filtration of oil, water and air. The common sizes are 10 ", 20", 30 ", 40", etc. In addition, if it is made of polypropylene skeleton, the working pressure can reach 0.6Mpa; With stainless steel frame, the working pressure can reach 0.8Mpa. In terms of temperature resistance, the main performance of this filter element is that if the absorbent cotton fiber filter material is used, the operating temperature can reach 120 ℃, while the other filter materials can reach 90 ℃. So what are the disadvantages of glass fiber filter element?

At present, the commonly used glass fibers produced on the domestic market are divided into alkali-free and medium-alkali glass fibers. Alkali-free E glass fibers have high stability to water, wet air and weak alkali solutions at room temperature, but are not resistant to acid and alkali attack of higher solutions. The medium-alkali fiber has good water resistance and acid resistance. Therefore, it is necessary to select glass fiber with different components as the filter material according to the introduced properties to play a better role. In addition, although the glass fiber filter element has smooth surface and small filtration resistance, it is conducive to dust stripping. However, the filter element is brittle, inflexible, wear-resistant, and deformed after being pulled. However, the glass fiber fabric without surface chemical modification can not meet the use requirements of high-temperature filter media, so its properties largely depend on the surface treatment process, formula and fabric structure.

In addition, we also need to know that in hydraulic oil filtration, high-temperature gas filtration and corrosive solution filtration, glass fiber filter element has been widely used and achieved good filtering effect. This product has the advantages of high precision, corrosion resistance, stable filtration performance, etc., but it is easy to deform, so it is not suitable for the same working conditions under high pressure environment. Its filtration performance is relatively stable under normal pressure.

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