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Analysis of the advantages and characteristics of membrane covered ptfe filter bags

Time : 2023-06-21 Hits : 2

PTFE filter bags are a type of filter material with unique performance, widely used in many industries. What are the characteristics of PTFE filter bags? The ptfe dust removal filter bag mainly uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the filter material.

This filter material has many advantages: firstly, the ptfe dust removal filter bag can withstand high temperature and corrosion, and its corrosion resistance can work for a long time at high temperatures above 240 ℃. Secondly, ptfe fibers are processed using a unique thermosetting powder process, which is a powder made from special materials and has excellent heat resistance, wear resistance, and insulation. Thirdly, ptfe fibers have excellent diffusion performance in filter media. Fourthly, ptfe fibers have good corrosion resistance, as well as strong heat resistance, insulation, and chemical resistance.

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