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Application of dust removal cloth bag in cement industry

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

With the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, people all know that dust collectors are the main equipment to control the hazards of dust and smoke. Bag type dust collectors are popular for their high dust removal efficiency, low equipment investment cost, stable operation and simple management and maintenance. At present, ultra-low emission standards implemented in various places are becoming more and more stringent, and great technological improvements need to be made in the material selection and production process of dust removal bags according to the needs of the industry. Dust collector filter bags are required in all links of cement production process, which can be simply divided into three main processes: raw meal preparation, clinker calcination and cement grinding. Cement mill: normal temperature flue gas, no special working conditions. Polyester filter bag is the standard filter material in this environment. Filter materials such as waterproof and oil proof, PTFE film covering, microfiber, etc. can be selected according to special conditions. Coal mill: Polyester antistatic filter material can be used when the temperature is below 80 ℃. If the working condition contains water vapor, acrylic fiber can be considered. Kiln head: the temperature is about 150 ℃, and the dust concentration is high. Aramid is the most suitable filter material. Kiln tail: the temperature is as high as 260 ℃, containing acid gas and nitrogen oxide. The working condition at the end of the kiln is relatively complex. At this time, there are many choices of filter materials, such as aramid glass fiber composite filter material, glass fiber membrane filter material, P84 filter material, etc.

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