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Application of glass fiber filter bag in low temperature cement dust remover

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 2

Glass fiber dust bag is an ideal high temperature resistant filter material, which has been widely used in cement, metallurgy, smelting, chemical industry, carbon black, environmental protection and other departments. However, the cement industry urgently needs to solve the problem of condensation of low-temperature cement bag filter. Glass fiber bag for cement low temperature dusty gas solves the technical problem of filter bag bag dust remover under low temperature conditions. This kind of filter material is an ideal filter material. The glass fiber bag can effectively solve the problem of dewing in the low-temperature cement bag filter with low temperature and high humidity. The glass fiber cloth bag has been applied to the dust collection of cement mill, raw meal mill, coal mill, silo and other material dust points, and has achieved satisfactory results.

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