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Application of Oil Removing and Oil Absorbing Filter Bag in Electrophoretic Paint Industry

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

With the continuous development of industry and the enhancement of environmental awareness, electrophoretic paint, as a new type of electrophoretic paint with low pollution, energy saving, resource saving, protection and anti-corrosion, is also popular. Application of oil removal and oil absorption filter bag in electrophoresis paint industry.

Electrophoretic paint, also known as electrophoretic paint, refers to a kind of paint that takes the workpiece as an electrode and places it in a paint tank diluted with water to coat the workpiece surface through electroplating principle. Electrophoretic paint is a kind of product that is applied to the coating of hardware products such as automobiles and household appliances.

Although electrophoretic paint is water-based paint, it is a chemical product after all; The electrophoretic paint itself is mainly composed of water, matrix resin, cross-linked resin, alcohol ether solvent, carbon black, titanium dioxide, lead containing pigment or filler, etc. There are also certain electrodeposition and colloidal particles in the electroosmosis process.

Electrophoretic paint filter bag is mainly used to remove grease and solid particles in electrophoresis solution. It is a filter bag with good function and high cost performance. The filter bag of electrophoretic paint contains oil, which can effectively reduce the generation of bubbles in the electrophoretic solution, improve the quality of products, and also improve the service life of protective coatings, protective coatings and decorative coatings in electrophoresis, reducing the cost in production.

The filtering bag of electrophoretic paint has good adsorption effect and can adsorb impurities such as oil and silica gel in the filtrate in a short time; When sewing the filter bag, high-precision wireless sewing is adopted to ensure the stability of the filter bag; At the same time, the filter cloth material adopts the method of fiber thermal characterization, which does not add any adhesive during production, will not produce secondary pollutants, and meets the requirements of FDA;

Scope of use of oil removal and oil absorption filter bag: electric paint coating line, wastewater discharge pretreatment, circuit board production circulating water, automobile production coating line, metal casting, protective filtration before ultrafiltration, oil removal and filtration of spray water

Anti dropping filter bag (MOPE, MOPO)

Material: nylon (MO)/polyester (PE), nylon (MO)/polypropylene (PO)

Production: The inner and outer layers of the composite structure are used to solve the pollution and depilation of the filtered filtrate caused by the inner filter layer.

Scope of application: vitamin chain lifting agent, filtration aid and filtration in beer, recovery of expensive active raw materials, advanced UV coatings, coatings with high viscosity, resins for circuit boards, advanced lubricants, automotive coatings and painting lines, filtrate with gel, active carbon extracted from filtrate, domestic sewage

When filtering the filter bag, the filtering method of "in and out" is adopted to ensure that impurities are inside the filter bag when replacing the filter bag, and will not fall off to pollute the filtrate in the filter. Moreover, the internal dirt capacity of the filter bag is large, and its service life is longer than that of ordinary filter bags. Electrophoretic paint filter bag has good acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance and bending tensile strength. At present, it has good applications in automotive coatings, paint, water purification and treatment, pharmacy, catering, fine chemicals, electronics and other industries.

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