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Bag type cleaning free precision filter products

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 5

As the environmental protection situation becomes more and more strict, the current situation of various industries has higher and higher standards for water quality. Bag type non cleaning precision filter is usually configured in front of pressure vessel equipment to remove fine particles to meet the standards for water inflow in subsequent processes; Fine particles can also be prevented from coming to the tail water treatment equipment.

Product introduction of bag type non cleaning precision filter housing:

Large flow bag filter housing is a kind of multifunctional filtering equipment with strong commodity circulation capacity, novel and reasonable structure, good sealing, simple and practical operation, wide range of application fields and strong adaptability. The bag filter housing has a small probability of side leakage of the filter bag, so that it can ensure the precision and accuracy of the filter system, replace the filter bag quickly, and the filter system basically has no material consumption, so as to reduce the actual operation cost. The precision of the filtration system is ensured by the filter bag, which does not need sampling and re inspection, and can be assembled on the mobile cart with the supporting transfer pump, so as to filter it on any production line at will. Bag filters are often used in various treatment, swimming pools, square fountains, petrochemical equipment, alcohol, paint, intelligent electronics and other industries. They are mainly applicable to the fine filtration system of liquid substances in paint, adhesive, resin synthetic dyes, ink, oil works, chemicals and other industries.

The bag type cleaning free precision filter housing is mainly composed of three parts: filter system, glass container, supporting net basket and filter bag. The bag type cleaning free precision filter mainly includes bag filters 1, 2, 3 and 4 according to the size of the matched filter bag. According to the number of bags contained in the filter, it mainly includes single bag type, double bag type and multi bag type; The direction of liquid material inlet and outlet mainly includes side inlet and bottom outlet type and bottom inlet and bottom outlet type. The filter is made of stainless steel.

Basic working principle of bag type cleaning free precision filter:

The liquid substance in the bag filter comes from the side of the glass container of the filtration system or the lower water inlet pipe, and rushes into the filter bag from above the filter bag supporting the mesh frame. The filter bag is carried out due to the impact of liquid substance and the balanced pressure difference surface, so that the liquid substance material is evenly distributed on the inner and outer surfaces of all filter bags, and the liquid substance passing through the filter bag supports the basket wall along the metal material, It is discharged from the bottom outlet of the filtration system to the. After normal operation for a period of time, when the differential pressure at the inlet and outlet reaches 0.05-0.07mpa, open the end cover of the filtration system, take out the intercepted material and the filter bag, and replace it with a new filter bag.

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