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Basic points to master during the use of air shower

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

With the changes of the times and the development of science and technology, more and more enterprise users in different fields begin to use shower rooms and other devices. As a purification device, it can exhibit special performance. Quality and performance are dominant, but only when used correctly can the shower play a good role.

Precautions for use of shower room.

Priority: before entering the shower, you must take off your dirty coat, ornaments, relevant mobile phones, etc. in the outside changing room. When entering, you must wear standard cleaning clothes and relevant auxiliary protective equipment.

Second, the shower equipment should be set according to the corresponding requirements to ensure airflow convection. It is necessary to know the air supply volume and relevant ventilation times of the air conditioning and purification system of the clean room, which are the main reasons that directly determine the cleanliness.

Third, the shower must formulate reasonable and effective management plans according to relevant regulations, regularly appoint people to manage, clean and maintain, etc., to ensure that the materials and cleaning products used meet the corresponding standards.

Fourth, when setting up shower rooms, levelness is particularly important. Because there will be air leakage in the later stage, in addition, corresponding adjustment measures should be taken after setting, and silicon should be used for supplementary decoration to make the setting of such devices more effective.

Fifthly, during the initial use, observe the blockage of the equipment, try to clean it once a week, and maintain the cleaning procedure 2-3 times a month to keep the equipment in good performance.

Sixth, because of the circulating air return part in the interior, professional cleaning and vacuum cleaner equipment should be used for dust collection every week as far as possible, so as to significantly reduce the accumulation of dust.

As a particularly efficient filtering device, the air shower has a very important function. With the development of domestic industry and related industries, it has played a very key role in different fields in recent years. It is not only simple and fast to operate, but also irreplaceable in terms of filtering effect. Correct use and operation will also help to extend the service life of this equipment.

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