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Causes of filter cloth deviation

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

The problems of the filter cloth itself, such as damage, improper selection leading to unclean filtration, blockage, etc., deviation and discount, excessive tension of the equipment or poor quality leading to severe tensile deformation, exceeding the service life, etc., are not recommended to be reused, and new filter cloth shall be purchased in time for replacement. Then let's talk about what causes the filter cloth to deviate. 1. Uneven bearing force on both sides of the filter belt: due to product quality problems, the length of the filter cloth of the belt filter press is tight and loose, and the tightening cylinder leaks steam. The tightening limits on both sides are not the same. The filter cloth of the belt filter press is not completely cleaned, forming a drum with slag. After the filter plate is removed and replaced, it is not scraped. 2. There is a driving force to move the chain rail horizontally, the head wheel is skewed, the formation is not vertical, and a guide roller is skewed. 3. The full-automatic deviation correction equipment is not working, the magnetic induction board is stuck (unable to magnetic induction), the limit switch is damaged, the cylinder leaks, the telescopic standard is shortened or does not pose, the deviation correction roller cableway has dirt, the full-automatic deviation correction roller bearing is damaged, and the rotation is not flexible. resolvent: 1. Remove and replace the filter cloth of the belt filter press, and strictly control the quality of the filter cloth: repair and tighten the cylinder, remove and replace the sealing ring, properly increase the flow of cleaning water and the tightness level of the scraper, and carry out the device for the filter plate again, clear and level, and there is no dirt on the filter plate. 2. Calibrate and skew the head roll: adjust the position or angle of view of the guide roll. 3. Use the belt filter press to adjust the distance of the magnetic induction plate device, dismantle and replace the limit switch, dismantle and replace the sealing ring of the deviation correction cylinder, eliminate the viscera of the deviation correction roller cableway, and dismantle and replace the roller bearing of the deviation correction operation. The filter cloth needs to be disassembled for cleaning due to slight blockage caused by long normal filtering time. This kind of filter cloth can be continuously filtered after cleaning and drying. However, keep in mind that it is not allowed to be exposed to the sun and dried at high temperature, which will damage the characteristics of the filter cloth itself, such as stability, tensile resistance and strength. If these characteristics are weak or disappear, it can not be used on the machine again, and it can not meet the requirements for use on the machine.

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