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Characteristics and application of non-woven filter bag

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Definition of national filter environmental non-woven filter bag:

The non-woven filter bag belongs to a kind of liquid filter bag. The non-woven filter bag is a kind of filter bag in the form of deep filtration. The entire filter layer depth direction forms a three-dimensional loose porous structure from fiber, and from loose to dense from inside to outside, forming gradient filtration, which can improve the liquid flux and impurity holding capacity. The surface of needled felt is treated by singeing, calendering and other processes to avoid fiber falling off and secondary pollution. No silicone oil, no chemicals released.

Features of non-woven filter bag:

1. Strong dirt holding capacity, large flow, high pressure resistance

2. Easy operation, strong corrosion resistance and good temperature resistance

3. High retention rate, low cost and wide application range

4. Acid and alkali resistance, temperature resistance 150 ℃

5. Non woven fiber, deep filtration, precision range of 0.5~600 μ m

Application of non-woven filter bag:

The filtration of various medium and low viscosity fluids, such as petrochemical industry, automobile manufacturing, paint and coating viscose, paint, electronic process, metal processing, water treatment, pharmacy, food and beverage, has excellent filtration effect for various types of impurities.

Filtering mode of non-woven filter bag:

The suspension is separated by using non-woven filter bag porous medium. When the filter bag is working, under the action of external force, the liquid in the suspension flows out through the channel of the medium, and the solid particles are intercepted to achieve separation. Generally, the suspension to be filtered is called filter slurry; The adopted porous medium is called filter medium; The liquid passing through the medium channel is called filtrate; The intercepted solids are called filter cake or filter residue.

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