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Characteristics and usage of oil removal filter bag

Time : 2023-06-26 Hits : 3

The oil absorption filter bag has excellent hydrophobic and lipophilic properties, high oil absorption speed, large oil absorption capacity, good acid and alkali resistance, organic solvent resistance, and good bending and tensile strength. So let's talk about the characteristics and precautions of the oil removal filter bag today.

Pay attention to these problems when using filter bags:

1. Check the pressure gauge to see whether the pressure value is normal. Check these values during normal operation and shutdown of the machine to see whether the inlet and outlet valves are sealed enough and whether the pressure reduction speed is normal;

2. Check whether the connecting pipe is strong enough and whether there is leakage or damage;

3. Check whether the O-ring is deformed or scratched, and whether there is damage. If there is a similar phenomenon, it needs to be replaced in time. Of course, I would like to remind you that you must pay attention to safety in the process of inspection to avoid that incorrect inspection methods will cause the inspectors to be unable to ensure personal safety in the process of inspection.

What are the characteristics of the degreasing filter bag?

1. High-efficiency oil absorption capacity, which can quickly absorb up to 23 times the weight of its own materials;

2.1~100 micron precision range, nominal precision;

3. Supporting the use of high-efficiency leak-proof technical plastic sealing ring;

4. Wide chemical compatibility of filter materials;

5. The surface of the filter material has undergone professional anti-fiber dissociation treatment;

6. Large slag cutting capacity and long service life;

7. All sanitary capillary fiber filter materials that meet the requirements of FDA shall be used without silicon pollution;

8. Multi-layer composite deep filtration structure;

9. Dual utility. Absorb oil and intercept impurities;

10. The replacement pressure difference is 0.10MPa, which should not exceed 0.16MPaLCR oil absorption filter bag in the application of electrophoretic coating in the automobile manufacturing process; While improving the filtration quality, it can quickly and effectively remove the silicone oil in the tank liquid to avoid the formation of shrinkage holes; The special design does not retain the pigment components in the paint liquid. Stainless steel filter bags can be customized with non-standard size equipment according to user requirements.

Some friends will ask whether the number of layers of the oil absorption filter bag is directly related to the filtering effect? The filter bag manufacturer can only tell you that the more layers, the better the filtering effect.

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