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Characteristics of special film covered dust collector in asphalt plant

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 2

The main purpose of the membrane coated filter bag for asphalt plant is to control the smoke and dust emission. The membrane coated filter bag can be used if the smoke and dust emission requirements are high. Of course, film mulching will reduce the air permeability of the bag. If the filtering area is not enough, don't use it, otherwise it will cause a high differential pressure. Membrane filter bags are generally used in waste incineration power plants and biomass power plants, and in places where mobile phones need to spill dust, precious metals, etc. they have high requirements for smoke emission. Next, Zhixin dust collector manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of the filter bag of the film covered dust collector. Relevant information of filter bag of film covered dust collector: 1. High surface filtration efficiency. Industrial filter is usually a deep filter, which completes the filtration by building a dust layer on the surface of the filter material. The effective filtration time is long (about 10% of the whole filtration is required), the resistance is large, the efficiency is low, the blocking is incomplete, the reverse filtration pressure is large, the filtration times are large, the energy consumption is high, the service life is short, and the equipment covers a large area. Using the dust bag covered with membrane, the dust cannot pass through the filter material. It is surface filtration. Whether it is coarse or fine dust, it is deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, the pore diameter of the membrane itself blocks the filtered material. There is no initial filtration period, and it is initially effective filtration, and it is in the filtration state for nearly 100% of the time. 2. Low voltage, high flux continuous operation. Once the traditional deep filtration filter material is put into use, the dust will permeate and establish a dust layer, and the permeability will decline rapidly. During filtration, the accumulated dust inside causes blockage, which increases the resistance of the pulse dust collector When the filter material deposited on the surface of the filter material reaches a certain thickness, the pressure of the filter material will always be kept at a very low level, the air flow will always be kept at a high level, and it can work continuously. Characteristics of film covered dust removal filter bag: 1. Close to zero emission, which can meet the most stringent environmental standards. 2. The ash removal performance is good, which can provide higher air exchange capacity, and the pressure difference can be reduced by coating the dust bag. 3. Extend the service life of filter bags, reduce the cleaning times, and reduce the maintenance cost of equipment. 4. Increasing the air cloth ratio and using a smaller vacuum cleaner can reduce the power consumption in case of pressure difference. 5. The reduction of investment and operation cost of coated dust bags will bring better economic benefits to users. The cloth bag of the dust collector relies on establishing a dust layer on the surface of the filter material for effective filtration. The establishment of effective filtration takes a long time, has large resistance and low efficiency. Incomplete interception, large loss, high filtration back blowing pressure, frequent ash cleaning, high energy consumption, short service life, and large equipment area. With membrane coated filter cloth, the dust cannot penetrate into the filter material, but is filtered on the surface. Both coarse and fine dust are deposited on the surface of the filter material, that is, the filtered material is intercepted by the aperture of the membrane itself. There is no initial filtration period, and effective filtration begins at the beginning, and nearly 100% of the time is in effective filtration.

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