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Difference between filter bag and filter cartridge

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

What is the difference between a filter bag and a filter cartridge? Let's introduce it in detail. The filtrate surface of the liquid filter bag is subject to special singeing treatment, which not only effectively prevents the fiber from separating from the polluted filtrate, but also avoids the excessive blockage of the filter hole by the traditional rolling treatment, and shortens the service life of the filter bag. It can be used to filter general industrial liquids, such as electroplating e, D paint, ink, paint, food and other chemical solutions; Acid and alkali resistant fiber has high mechanical strength and can be reused. Dust filter bag has excellent chemical stability and heat resistance, and is the representative of high performance in the filter material industry. It is also a high-end variety of all commonly used filter materials, and has reached a high level in filtration efficiency and filtration accuracy. Common filter materials include PE, PP, PTFE, PMIA, NMO, etc. Filter cartridge is a cylindrical element used for filtration, which is usually divided into filter cartridges used for filtering gas media and liquid media. The filter cartridge for filtering liquid media is generally installed in the pipeline filter, and its shape is often conical, so it is also called conical filter screen. The common filter materials of the filter cartridge include wood pulp fiber filter paper and spunbonded polyester fiber non-woven fabric, among which the polyester non-woven fabric can be coated, oil-proof, waterproof and antistatic. Compared with the filter bag, the filter cartridge has the following advantages: 1. The pleated filter cartridge increases the filtering area and takes up less space; 2. Increase the treatment air volume; 3. Reduce the filtering wind speed; 4. Easy to remove ash and reduce differential pressure; 5. Save compressed air; 6. Easy to install and maintain; 7. High dust removal efficiency. 8. The service life of the filter cartridge is prolonged. 9. Venturi and cage are exempt. 10. The overall cost is low. Of course, the filter cartridge is not versatile in the dust removal industry, and some working conditions cannot completely replace the filter bag.

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