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Dust collector of fertilizer plant (filter bag dust collector)

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 4

Bag type dust collector is an environmental protection equipment with a wide range of applications at present, which can be used for dust collection and treatment in fertilizer plants. It has high dust removal efficiency, good dust removal effect, simple structure and simple maintenance. However, we should pay attention to some problems in design and selection:

The bag type dust collector operates stably for a long time under the working condition of high humidity and dusty flue gas to avoid the occurrence of failures such as the hydrolysis of dust, the accumulation of dust in the bag, the air volume attenuation caused by the high resistance of the bag type dust collector. For the problems that may affect the normal operation of the bag type dust collector during the operation and operation of the equipment under the complex working conditions of the compound fertilizer industry in the chemical fertilizer plant, such as dust moisture absorption and paste bag, unsmooth ash discharge, corrosion of highly corrosive environment on the equipment and electrical components, daily maintenance, etc., we need to adopt the design concept of "technical means prevention first, easy operation and maintenance second" to design the scheme.

Bag type dust collector scheme of fertilizer plant:

It can solve the problem that the dust is easy to absorb moisture and hydrolyze, and the filter hole of the dust collection filter bag is easy to block, causing the filter failure of the bag filter. The reasons are: ① The chemical composition of the compound fertilizer dust is easy to absorb moisture and hydrolyze; ② When the production line is shut down for a long time, when the ambient temperature of the moist natural air entering the bag dust collector is lower than the dew point temperature, the condensed water and dust will hydrolyze, resulting in bag pasting. During normal production, due to the temperature of dusty flue gas, the bag will not be pasted generally. ③ The moisture content in the dusty flue gas is high, and there is a lack of insulation and heating measures.

To solve the problem of poor dust mobility and wall sticking in the compound fertilizer industry, serious ash accumulation in the ash hopper of the dust remover and easy blockage of the ash unloading system, the reasons are: ① poor dust mobility in the compound fertilizer industry; ② The ash hopper of the dust remover has dead corners, which are easy to hang ash and stick to the wall; ③ The angle between the shell of the traditional spiral ash conveyor and the ash hopper of the dust remover is inconsistent, the ash is not discharged smoothly, and the dust bridging is easy to occur; ④ The V-shaped groove of the star type ash discharge valve is easy to stick ash and difficult to clean.

In order to solve the technical problems summarized above, we need to design a detailed and thorough dust collector selection and technical scheme based on the field survey data.

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