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Effect of Chemical Compatibility on Bag Filters

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 3

Chemical compatibility is an important factor in the filtration process of bag filters. Chemical compatibility refers to the harmonious conjugation of two substances when they come into contact with each other. Measurements are made by considering the stability of one substance when mixed with another substance. When mixing, elements are considered compatible if they do not show changes, while substances are considered chemically incompatible if they undergo physical or chemical changes that adversely affect the desired results. When filtering liquids, gases, or air, it is necessary to consider the composition of the filter material. The material of the filter should be compatible with the chemical properties of the filtered liquid. This can reduce the risk of failure during the process. Chemical compatibility related to liquids is generally observed, but dissolved solutes may be mixed with the filtrate medium undesirably. Therefore, filter media should be made sensitive or resistant to specific substances. Care should be taken not to damage the media due to chemical exposure. Only if they are found to be compatible can the filtering process continue.

Compatibility is affected by many factors, such as exposure time, concentration, temperature, and applied pressure. These factors alone or in combination can affect the filtration process. In the case of organic solvents in bag filters, these factors are important. The medium of the filter should be solvent resistant. Otherwise, it has no effect on filtering those solvents. Similarly, if the solvent chemically attacks the filter, or if the filter undergoes chemical degradation, it may release dirt elements into the stream, and is therefore useless for all practical purposes.

In addition, some solvents will not damage the filter, but will be absorbed by the polymer matrix. Therefore, they will change the pore size and performance of the filter for future use, which will affect its service life and efficiency in the long run. A similar situation may occur when filtering aqueous solutions. Therefore, it should be noted that the bag filter will not be damaged by water flow. Chemical additives, pH balance, and acids and bases should be tested to determine the impact of different factors on the filter medium and understand the sensitivity of the filter.

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