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FFU FAN application

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

To talk about the application of fan filter unit FFU, we must first understand what it is. In fact, it is a self powered air supply device and a modular end air supply device with filtering effect. The clean air filtered by it will be sent out evenly on the whole air outlet surface to improve the overall air cleanliness. Therefore, it is widely used in dust-free rooms, dust-free production lines, assembled dust-free rooms, etc. it can be said that if we need a dust-free environment, we can consider it. Through the fan filter unit FFU, you can make a simple clean workbench or clean shed, which is still very efficient, and the probability of its selection is still very high. For temporary applications, it will also be taken into account. Then, what are the characteristics of FFU of fan filter unit? First of all, its overall material is imported environmental friendly aluminum zinc coated plate, so it has the advantage of non rusting and corrosion resistance. Therefore, even if it is placed in a place with a poor environment, it will not cause any problems in a short time. Secondly, its appearance is very beautiful and generous. The design adopts the golden ratio. Although the fuselage is very thin, it is very solid. It is a light but strong device, which takes up a very limited space, so it is suitable for a lot of places. Then, the construction and installation of fan filter unit FFU is also very convenient, which will not take up too much time in daily maintenance, and it is also very convenient. Finally, its energy-saving effect is very obvious, with minimal noise and even low power consumption. From the above content, it is not surprising that the characteristics of fan filter unit FFU are very obvious and will be welcomed by eliminators. Of course, as people put more research into it, it can be applied in more fields. With its assistance, many people's expectations will become a reality.

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