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Fluex Dust Bag Product Information

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 9

Weight: 500g / m2 Material: aramid fiber / aramid base cloth Breathable capacity: 80~100m3 / ㎡ / s Latiudinal strength:> 1200N / 520cm Peridional strength:> 800N / 520cm Latitude elongation: <50% Elongation: <20% Usage temperature: 204℃, instant 240℃ Post-treatment burn tenburned, impregnated or Teflon treatment Characteristics of flomis dust removal cloth bag: (1) High temperature resistance: it can work continuously at the temperature of 204 degrees (the instantaneous temperature can reach 250 degrees) and can withstand the repeated high temperature fluctuation temperature of 250 degrees. (2) Chemical resistance: low concentrations of acid and base and most hydrocarbons will not affect it, even a small amount of fluoride will not be significantly corrosive. (3) Stability of size; less than 1% below 250 degrees. (4) Excellent high temperature stability: in low concentrations of acid and base and most hydrocarbons will not have any impact on it, even with a small amount of fluoride will not have significant corrosion. Bag dust collector dust bag production requirements, filter bag sewing processing quality is very important for its long-term use, sewing processing must be according to the bag filter filter bag GB12625-2007 standard, and the filter bag suture material is PTFE line, higher than the filter material material. The longitudinal suture of the filter bag must be firm, straight and no less than 3 lines. The needle distance of the filter bag suture requires that the number of stitches of the filter bag is greater than 24~30 stitches within 10cm. The suture width of the filter bag ranged from 10 to 15 m m. The damage of the filter bag is mainly concentrated in the bag mouth and the bottom of the bag. The damage of the bag mouth is mainly due to the clean air is concentrated in the summary of the upper box, and the flue gas is more concentrated and easy to cause wear. In addition, the use of compressed air pulse to frequently clear ash will also cause certain wear to the bag mouth, so the bag mouth needs to use double-layer filter material, and the frequency of ash cleaning should be controlled. The steel belt of the filter bag bag mouth is made of 1Gr17Ni7 steel belt, and the specification is 30mm (0.3~0.4) mm. The rivet material is the same as the steel strip, and it is used after grinding. The sealing strip and filter material are the same material, the upper layer is thick than the lower layer, ensure the tight seal with the flower panel. The bag mouth is inclined mouth on the other head, double syringe machine uniform two, lock sewing, to ensure not off thread. The damage of the bottom of the bag is mainly caused by dust erosion and friction. Therefore, the bottom of the bag should be used double layer filter material, the strong layer outside the bottom of the bag is 120mm high, double needle two, the bottom side package double needle one.

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