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Formwork cloth how does the concrete permeable formwork cloth work

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

Formwork cloth how does the concrete permeable formwork cloth work After the concrete is poured by the formwork cloth, under the internal pressure of the concrete, the small action of the concrete permeable formwork cloth and the vibrating rod, the water bubbles and some specific movements from the inner side to the concrete surface can be discharged through the middle layer of the concrete permeable formwork cloth, causing the following effects: 1. It can effectively reduce the bubbles of concrete on the surface of components and make the concrete more compact; 2. It can discharge some water from the concrete and leave the cement particles in the concrete to the head surface, causing a significant decrease in the water binder ratio on the concrete surface several millimeters deep; 3 a layer of dense hardening layer containing hydrated calcium silicate is produced on the surface of the component. Hair and significantly improve the strength, wear resistance, cracking strength and frost resistance of the concrete surface, and significantly reduce the permeability, carbonation degree and chloride diffusion coefficient of the concrete; 4. It reduces the possibility of exchanging materials between the inside and outside of the concrete, thus improving the durability of the components; 5 the concrete pervious formwork cloth has evenly arranged pores, and the water can be evenly discharged through the pervious formwork through infiltration and capillary action, which is easy to cause aggregation, which effectively reduces the spots of sand and produces sand lines with defects on the concrete surface. 6 concrete pervious formwork cloth is used to maintain the effect of water, which brings a good premise for concrete curing and reduces the occurrence of fine cracks.

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