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Function of pattern plate of bag dust collector

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The pattern plate of the bag type dust remover is also called the perforated plate, which is used as the partition plate of the air cleaning chamber and the filter chamber of the dust remover. It can be used to hang the components of the filter bag, but it can also be used as the maintenance platform of the filter bag components of the dust remover. The pattern plate of the bag type dust remover is provided with a steel partition plate of the same size for installing the filter bag hole and separating the upper box body and the middle box body. The size and size of the patterned hole on the upper part of the bag type dust remover can be determined according to the different designs of the dust remover. The size of the hole on the same patterned plate should be uniform to avoid ash leakage due to the untight clamping of the expanding ring of the dust remover bag or the inability of the expanding ring to open. The size of the patterned plate of the dust remover depends on the injection capacity of the pulse valve. In addition to bearing the weight of the filter bag and bag cage, the pattern board also bears the gas pressure in the dust remover, so it should have sufficient rigidity. In the design of dust remover pattern plate, the distance between filter bag holes is mainly set, which is closely related to filter bag diameter, filter bag length, dust property, filtering speed, etc.

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