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High temperature fiber basalt

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Basalt fiber: continuous fiber drawn from natural basalt. It is a continuous fiber made by melting basalt stone at 1450 ℃~1500 ℃ and drawing through platinum rhodium alloy wire drawing bushing at high speed. The color of pure natural basalt fiber is generally brown. Basalt fiber is a new inorganic environment-friendly green high-performance fiber material, which is composed of silica, alumina, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, iron oxide, titanium dioxide and other oxides.

Preparation method of basalt fiber: compared with general glass fiber melting, basalt melt has poor heat permeability and small wetting angle, so it is more difficult to control than other glass fibers during wire drawing.

The technical points mainly include three aspects:

① Basalt raw material formula technology: the particle size of basalt raw materials and the definition range of components have a huge impact on the production of basalt fibers. The raw material composition needs to be controlled within a certain range to meet the production demand of basalt fiber.

② Tank kiln design technology for production: There are two types of kilns for basalt fiber production, one is flame furnace using gas as fuel, and the other is electric furnace. Tank furnace design technology is directly related to basalt fiber production quality and capacity.

③ Sizing agent formula technology: Sizing agent content is an important physical and chemical index of basalt fiber, which affects the appearance and performance quality of products. At the same time, sizing agent is one of the main raw materials with high price.

Performance of basalt fiber: basalt fiber is recognized as the fourth largest high-tech fiber after carbon fiber, aramid fiber and polyethylene fiber at home and abroad, and is known as "a new green and environment-friendly material in the 21st century".

It has good tensile strength, high corrosion resistance and chemical stability, good insulation, high temperature and low temperature thermal stability, high elastic modulus, good heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

Basalt fiber industry chain: Basalt fiber is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, construction, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronics, metallurgy and other fields because its superior performance is reflected in high strength, good chemical stability, wide range of application temperature, etc.

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