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How are high-quality meltblown cloth made?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 4

Nowadays, the production of melt blown cloth has long passed the early era of profiteering. Basically, the current competition is the process quality. As a typical manufacturing industry, the production of melt blown cloth is very important for the control of the whole work link. What we need to do is to control the five factors of human, machine, material, method and environment, so as to improve the quality.

1. Personnel: the operator's understanding of quality, technical level, physical condition, etc

2. Machinery: accuracy and maintenance of mechanical equipment and measuring instruments.

3. Material: material composition, physical and chemical properties, etc.

4. Methods: including production process, equipment selection, operation procedures, etc.

5. Environment: temperature, humidity and cleaning conditions of the workplace.

If we lack one of the above five elements, the whole link will affect our production quality.

1、 Operator factor (person)

1. Production personnel need to receive relevant training and evaluation and meet the corresponding job skill requirements.

2. Special procedures need to be clearly specified, and inspectors should also have corresponding professional operation skills.

3. The operator shall keep a strict and cautious attitude, gradually abide by the company's system, operate in strict accordance with the process documents, and be responsible for the work.

4. The inspectors shall inspect in strict accordance with the process regulations and inspection instructions, make the original inspection records and submit them as required.

2、 Factors of machinery and equipment (machine)

1. Equipment management measures must be formulated in advance, including equipment purchase, circulation, maintenance, maintenance, verification, etc., which must be clearly specified.

2. All provisions of equipment management measures must be effectively implemented. With equipment ledger, equipment skill files, maintenance and verification plan and relevant records.

3. Production equipment, inspection equipment, tooling tools, measuring instruments, etc. all meet the requirements of process regulations. And can meet the requirements of process capacity, if the processing conditions change with time. It can be adjusted and compensated in time to ensure the quality requirements.

4. Production equipment, inspection equipment, tooling and measuring tools are in good condition.

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