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How can SFFILTECH dust fiilter bag manufacturers avoid cement clogging the dust bag?

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In view of how to avoid cement clogging the dust removal filter bag, the following points should be noted:

1. Regularly check the total moisture of the materials to be grinded, and pay close attention to whether the clinker, limestone, gypsum and other materials to be grinded are exposed to rain and moisture; Ensure that limestone, gypsum and other materials entering the plant will not increase water due to rain leakage. Control the water content of limestone entering the mill to be ≤ 1% and that of gypsum to be ≤ 3%. Strictly control the water content of slag entering the mill. It is strictly prohibited to put wet materials directly. The drainage ditch shall be set at the wet slag storage yard of the combined storage warehouse to reduce the original moisture of wet slag as soon as possible. When the control indicator is specified, it can be different between winter and summer. In case of low temperature and rainy weather, adjust the proportion of each mixed material under the premise of quality permission to reduce the total moisture entering the mill. For example, fly ash can replace part of slag.

2. Properly increase the ventilation volume in the mill and explore the air volume range. The negative pressure of the grinding head shall be included in the mandatory inspection items during the patrol inspection. The filling amount of one bin of grinding body shall be appropriate to avoid affecting the ventilation area of the hollow shaft. The clogging of the grate joint shall be cleaned in time. It is forbidden to mix the mixed materials with iron slag and other substances into the mill to avoid clogging the grate joint. Maintain the ventilation capacity in the mill at a good level; In case of any change, the ventilation in the mill can still be adjusted and maintained by the exhaust fan.

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3. The air pressure for dust removal filter bag cleaning shall be maintained above 0.5MPa, oil and water shall be separated, and the air bag shall be drained in time. Frequently check the opening and closing of the air path inside the bag filter and control the air for cleaning. Check the degree of clogging of the dust filter bag. Once the clogging is found, it shall be timely pulled out and tapped to remove the clogging. Ensure that the ventilation capacity is maintained normally, and avoid the vicious circle caused by blockage.

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4. Regularly check the air leakage of the waste gas treatment system, implement full position leak stoppage, and conduct necessary external insulation for the mill exhaust gas system.

5. Do a good job in production scheduling, try to run continuously when the water entering the mill is too large, and reduce the number and time of grinding stoppage; Try to avoid low temperature periods such as the second half of the night and the morning, especially in cold seasons.

6. Start the cold mill in low temperature season, and try to avoid excessive material moisture entering the mill during temperature rise period; Pay attention to controlling the feeding speed; Loop mill can increase the amount of returned powder to improve the air temperature inside the mill. The material stop time shall be appropriately extended as far as possible before the grinding is stopped. The mixture with high moisture content shall be stopped as early as possible. After the grinding is stopped, the air exhaust time in the mill shall be appropriately extended, and the mill body shall be rotated.

7. The mill equipped with water spray inside the mill shall ensure good atomization. Stop water 15 minutes in advance before stopping the mill to avoid adverse effects on the dust filter bag caused by water evaporation lag.

Filter bag dedusting equipment is used for dedusting of cement mill, which can ensure the dedusting efficiency. However, if it is not used properly, the dedusting filter bag will be blocked. Therefore, when the dedusting filter bag is used for cement mill, special attention shall be paid to prevent it from being blocked.

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