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How is PTFE membrane filter bag produced?

Time : 2023-06-21 Hits : 4

PTFE film coated dust removal filter bag is a high-performance dust removal filter bag with high filtration accuracy, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and other characteristics. It is widely used in industrial dust removal in fields such as steel, cement, chemical industry, metallurgy, etc.

The production of PTFE film coated dust removal filter bags is generally divided into the following steps:

Material preparation: Select suitable substrate materials and PTFE film materials to ensure stable product performance and reliable quality.

Printing: Printing the base fabric with designed patterns, words, or logos for subsequent processing, use, and management.

Membrane coverage: PTFE membrane is covered on the surface of the substrate, and high-temperature hot pressing technology is used to firmly bond the two together to form a membrane covered dust removal filter bag.

Cutting and Sewing: According to customer needs and specific usage situations, cut the membrane dust removal filter bag into appropriate sizes and reinforce it with stitching to ensure the firmness and service life of the product.

Quality inspection and packaging: Conduct strict quality inspection on the produced PTFE film coated dust removal filter bags to ensure that the products comply with relevant standards and requirements. Then package for transportation and storage.

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