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How long do bag filters last?

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The bag filter is characterized by good air tightness and fluidity, but if it is not cleaned for a long time, there will be less internal pollution of the same degree. Therefore, care must be taken when cleaning and maintaining the bag filter.

In order to maintain the high efficiency and smoothness of the filter when using the bag filter, maintain the accuracy of the filter, and prevent the downstream liquid from being polluted, the equipment should be shut down after a period of operation. When stopping, it is necessary to open the upper cover of the filter to remove the residues inside the filter and take out the filter bag at the same time. The replacement period of the filter bag depends on the actual situation.

If the water quality of the bag filter decreases during use, the filter bag can be replaced to restore the original filtered water quality. The bag filter is generally used for 3-6 years without any problems. It depends on the daily use and maintenance.

Service life of bag filter

How long can the bag filter be used? For this problem, it is necessary to know that the bag filter is composed of a filter tank and a filter bag. Generally, the filter tank can be used for 3-6 years, and the filter bag can be used for 1-3 months according to the actual use. Therefore, when the water quality filtered by the bag filter cannot meet the requirements, the filter bag can be replaced or cleaned to restore the original filtering performance.

How to prolong the service time of bag filter

When the outlet water quality of the bag filter drops, the internal filter bag can be cleaned to extend the service time

The filter bag needs to be cleaned in time. Just add a small amount of cleaning solution and soak for 10 minutes to clean the impurities in the filter bag. When cleaning, please use warm water to clean it better. The filter bag is made of spun cloth, so it is easy to clean.

If pressure is applied to the outlet of the bag filter, the output valve must be closed in time. If you do not pay attention to this, it will produce very bad results. When opening the exhaust valve, it is necessary to ensure that the bag filter pipe is correctly connected and connected. Failure to do so will harm personnel involved in filtering harmful substances and pollute the surrounding environment.

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