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How much temperature can stainless steel dust removal bags withstand

Time : 2023-06-12 Hits : 3

Stainless steel dust removal bags are generally able to withstand higher temperatures, and the specific temperature resistance range depends on the quality and design of the material. Generally speaking, the temperature resistance range of stainless steel dust removal bags can reach over 350 ° C. This material has excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for dust removal applications in high-temperature working environments.

It should be noted that the temperature resistance of stainless steel dust removal bags is also affected by other factors, such as the chemical properties of the gas, humidity, working time, etc. Therefore, when selecting stainless steel dust removal bags, the temperature resistance range should be determined based on specific working conditions and needs to ensure their normal operation and long-term use. In addition, attention should be paid to selecting appropriate stainless steel materials and the structural design of filter bags to provide better high-temperature resistance and dust removal effect.

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