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How often do filter bags change?

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When does the filter bag in the bag filter need to be replaced?

Generally, when the pressure difference of the bag filter reaches 2-3 kilograms, it indicates that the filter bag is basically blocked, and there is little liquid flowing out of the filter outlet. At this time, the filter bag should be replaced. According to different usage situations, if the process requires maintaining the flow rate of the filter not less than half of the large flow rate, the filter bag should be replaced when the pressure difference reaches about 1 kilogram. The service life of the filter bag is determined by the turbidity of the raw water, the filtration time, the filtration flow rate, and the filtration area of the filter bag.

There is no fixed cycle for the replacement and cleaning of bag filters, which depends on the actual situation. Whether the filter bag needs to be cleaned and replaced mainly depends on the following aspects:

1. Judging by the water outlet status. If there is an abnormal decrease in the effluent indicator, it can be determined that the filter bag may be blocked, and it is necessary to inspect and clean the filter bag;

2. The pressure difference exceeds the normal range. After the pump is started, the pressure gauge on the bag filter slightly rises, with an initial pressure of about 0.05MPa. As the usage time prolongs, the amount of filter residue in the cylinder gradually increases. When the pressure reaches 0.4MPa, the machine should be stopped and the cylinder cover should be opened to check the residue situation in the filter bag. The filter bag can be replaced to continue using;

3. The effluent appears turbid or contains solid substances. If there is obvious turbidity in the effluent, it may be due to the damage of the filter bag, and the filter bag needs to be replaced immediately;

4. Filter bag failure. The filter bag has been cleaned multiple times and the filtering effect has decreased. It is necessary to replace the filter bag in a timely manner.

Steps for replacing filter bags:

1. Turn off the system: Turn off the power, stop the pump, and close the inlet and outlet valves.

2. Release pressure: Open the exhaust valve and slowly reduce the filter pressure.

3. Open the cover: Ensure that the pressure of the filter cartridge drops to zero before opening the cover.

4. Discard the used filter bag.

5. Check the net basket: Check the curvature and edges of the net basket. The surface between the upper edge of the net basket and the filter cartridge should be flat.

6. Install a new filter bag: The filter bag should be inserted into the basket, and the sealing ring should be seated correctly in the sealing groove.

7. Inspection gasket: Select a gasket that is compatible with the fluid.

8. Close the cover: When closing the filter cover, ensure that the gasket is not twisted or out of groove, and tighten the ring nut clockwise.

9. Close the exhaust valve.

10. Turn on the pump switch.

11. Open the inlet valve: Slowly open the valve to observe if there is a leak, and immediately close the inlet valve.

12. Open the outlet valve.

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