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How should the filter material in the dust removal bag be selected?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The dust removal filter material is an important material of the dust removal bag, and the different types of dust removal bag mainly depend on the different filter materials of the bag. The dedusting filter bag is an efficient dedusting filter material. The dedusting filter bag is made of pps fiber, aramid fiber, yi fiber, polyester staple fiber, etc. The service life is generally 2-4 years, with good air permeability, high dust collection rate, easy dust removal, and dust removal efficiency of 98.99%. When selecting the dust removal filter material, it can be selected according to the nature of the dust containing gas under the working condition; Or select the filter material according to the shape of the dust.

1. The dust size is required to select the dust removal filter material according to the dust shape; Moisture absorption and adhesion of dust; The explosive property of dust and other aspects shall be comprehensively judged and selected.

2. The selection of dedusting filter material through dusty gas can be judged and selected comprehensively from the temperature, corrosion resistance, humidity and other aspects of the filter material.

In a word, when selecting dust removal filter materials, we can comprehensively select them from high concentration dust collection process, high standard emissions and occasions with purification requirements, occasions with stable and low resistance operation requirements, treatment of viscous micro dust gas such as oil mist, and requirements for special structure dust collectors.

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