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How to Calculate the Filtration Efficiency of Chemical Filter Bags

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 8

The filtration efficiency of a chemical filter bag generally refers to its filtration efficiency for a certain particle size, usually expressed as a percentage. Calculating filtration efficiency requires considering multiple factors, including bag material, bag aperture, operating conditions, etc. Among them, the material and pore size of the filter bag are one of the most important factors affecting filtration efficiency.

The filtration efficiency of chemical filter bags can be obtained through experimental measurements. In general, a liquid or gas with a certain particle size and concentration will be selected and passed through a filter bag at a certain flow rate. Then, the difference in particle concentration between the inlet and outlet will be measured to calculate the filtration efficiency. In addition, approximate filtration efficiency can also be obtained through simulation calculations or theoretical analysis.

In practical applications, selecting a suitable chemical filter bag requires comprehensive consideration based on specific usage conditions, including factors such as the properties of the filtered medium, particle size, particle concentration, and process requirements, in order to determine the appropriate filter bag material and pore size.

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