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How to choose dust removal cloth correctly?

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

1. Gas ring injection soot cleaning Because the dust removal performance is quite good, the dust removal cloth bag (filter bag) is required to have good rigidity, fine pores and good wear resistance. In this way, when the blowing ring moves up and down, the dust removal cloth bag remains unchanged and will not Fuzze. Therefore, the use of felt or needle felt is limited. It also requires thick and high-density felt. Generally, the distribution weight should be 600 ~ 800g / m2. 2. Pulsating back blowing The kinetic energy applied by this method to the dust is in the center of high-energy type and low kinetic energy type. This kind of dust removal requires that the dust removal cloth bag (filter material) has softness and certain stiffness. When using fabric dust removal filter bag, satin and twill fabrics are suitable. However, considering the dust removal efficiency, filtration speed and anti-wear strength to the skeleton, needle felt is suitable. It is recommended to choose needle felt with a weight of 300 ~ 600g / m2. Woven fabrics are rarely used, and various surface treatments should be made if necessary. 3. Oscillating ash cleaning The feature of this dust cleaning method is that the kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is smaller than that of pulse injection and reverse blowing, which is a low-energy dust cleaning. Therefore, fabric dust removal filter bag should be used. The oscillation wave transmission of soft fabric is good. 4. Pulse jet ash cleaning The ash removal kinetic energy applied to the dust layer is high, which is a typical method of external filtration. The fine ash force is very strong, and the residual amount of dust attached to the yarn of the dust removal cloth bag (filter bag) is relatively small. The dust removal cloth bag (filter bag) used is generally felt or needle punched felt. Under the effect of pulse injection, the dedusting filter bag has great instantaneous deformation and great stress, so the filter material with strong tension resistance must be used. Dust removal cloth bag (filter bag) often rubs with the skeleton, so wear-resistant dust removal filter bag or fabric dust removal cloth bag can be used.

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