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How to choose food grade filter bag?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of food production. Food grade refers to that it does not contain substances harmful to human health and can be used to process food, so it can be food grade. The food factory has high requirements on the cleanliness, fiber shedding, bacteria content in the filter bag, filtering speed, etc. of the food filter bag. Liquid filtration in the food industry usually uses nylon, PP, PE and PE filter bags for surface filtration. Today, let's talk about how to choose food grade filter bags?

The food and beverage filter bag is a filter bag that can remove the sediment and floc in the beverage without damaging the color of the original beverage. Drink filter bags are mainly made of nylon, PP and PE. The surface of PE material is mostly singeing treated. For filtering some viscous drinks, depilation may occur again. In view of this situation, adding a layer of nylon mesh with high precision on the outer layer can effectively alleviate this phenomenon. Food safety should not be taken lightly! However, the precision of nylon material is not as high as that of PP and PE, and the filtering precision can reach 0.1U. Therefore, for some fine filtering, it is better to use non-woven fabrics such as PP and PE. Food filter bags are widely used in the food industry, mainly including milk, fruit juice, mineral water, honey, wine, spirits, beer, Baijiu, edible oil, syrup, starch processing and other products. It mainly removes particulate impurities, suspended solids, pulp, diatomite, etc. in the product.

1. The cleanliness of the liquid filter bag, when used in the food industry, needs to be produced in a clean workshop that meets the national food standards.

2. The bacterial content of the filter bag for food and beverage, the filter cloth and the finished filter bag will be sterilized by various ultraviolet rays when they are produced, and the filter bag meets the health and medical standards.

3. The filtering speed of filter bags for food and beverage is mainly based on the requirements of customers for filtering volume. Multiple bag filters can be designed to increase the filtering pressure, so as to improve the filtering speed and work efficiency.

4. The production process of food filter bag cloth must use long fiber, which is different from short fiber or blended fiber. Long fiber has excellent tensile property and good filtering effect. Even if the pressure is too high, the impurity content will not appear capillary shedding, so the product quality will not be affected.

Selection of food filter bag

1. Provide current production process parameters: pressure source, working flow, working temperature, design pressure, design temperature, allowable pressure drop, filtering method, required filtering material, required interface method and material, and other required pressure gauges, valves, tees, side pipes, sterilization methods, etc.

2. Provide various parameters of the medium: medium name, impurity name, impurity content, medium viscosity, impurity type (hard particles, soft particles, others), filter precision required by the medium temperature, etc.

3. Provide the above filtering parameters to suppliers, and select the filtering products that are suitable for your production needs.

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