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How to choose glass fiber dust removal filter bag membrane filter material

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 8

Glass fiber dust removal filter bag glass fiber membrane filter materials include continuous glass fiber woven fabric membrane filter materials, glass fiber expanded yarn membrane filter materials and glass fiber needle felt membrane filter materials. Glass fiber membrane filter materials have been widely used in high-temperature bag filters, especially in large high-temperature bag filters. The hygroscopicity of the dust removal filter bag is one of the indicators to evaluate its performance. When the dusty gas contains water, this performance becomes more important. Because the moisture content in the dusty gas is large, when the hygroscopicity of the cloth bag is high, it will cause dust adhesion, block the pores of the cloth bag, cause the running resistance to rise, and eventually lead to the performance of the dust collector. At present, the hygroscopicity of the dust removal filter bag is reduced through the treatment of the cloth bag in China. Incombustibility is an important indicator in use. The combustion of the dust removal filter bag includes the melting, oxidation and cracking process of the polymer. It is often divided into four categories according to the characteristics of the polymer itself and its combustion difficulty: flammable, combustible, incombustible and incombustible. In addition, the dust removal filter bag includes the properties of not being afraid of alkali, acid, oxidant, reductant and solvent. What factors should be considered when selecting dust removal filter bags? Not afraid of temperature and heat is an important factor in the selection of dust removal filter bags. Not only the temperature but also the heat resistance of dust removal filter bags should be considered in the selection. The temperature resistance refers to the long-term working temperature of the bag and the high temperature it may withstand in the short term. The heat resistance refers to the ability of the bag not to be afraid of dry heat and wet heat. After treatment, the heat resistance of the dust removal filter bag can be improved. Rigidity is the measurement standard of the softness of the cloth bag, and the method of evaluating the characteristics is the feel. Woven fabric bags are soft and almost rigid, while felt nonwoven fabric bags are processed on the surface by using resin. The high or low of this property can affect the ash removal work. The higher the rigidity, the more inconvenient the ash removal work is. The movement of gas or the collision of dust particles will charge some dust removal filter bags. This electrostatic charge has a double-sided effect on the filtration work. The advantage is that the opposite charges attract each other, which can make the dust particles move from the air flow to the cloth bag with the opposite charge. However, the disadvantage is that the dust will not fall after this stage, which increases the difficulty of dust removal. And because of the accumulation of charged dust, there is a risk of spark and explosion. Therefore, the dust removal filter bag is sometimes treated, such as adding conductive fibers to the bag to enhance the performance of the bag. The film covered dust removal filter bag has a good collection function for metal dust, and the dust removal reduces the possibility of dust hardening after forming a powder layer on the surface of the filter bag. The service life of the dust removal filter bag is good, and our improvement in the structure of the dust collector extends its normal service life. Because of its excellent characteristics, the coated dust removal filter bag is becoming more and more popular in its application area. It not only maintains the inherent high chemical stability, low friction coefficient, is not afraid of high and low temperatures and anti-aging of polytetrafluoroethylene, and can resist small particles, but also has the characteristics of air permeability of general coated filter bags. The characteristics of the coated dust removal filter bag are large air permeability, low resistance, good filtration rate and large dust capacity. It is one of the filter bags with good dust removal ratio.

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