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How to filter edible oil?

Time : 2023-06-25 Hits : 4

In the edible oil production process, the precision edible oil filter will be used in the oil refining section for decolorization and the function of collecting filter aids. Among them, bag filter is widely used. Generally, the filter manufacturer only provides separate filters and filter bags to the grease factory, but does not take into account the problems encountered in actual operation. Engineers often encounter the following two problems in the workshop of grease customers:

1. The filter bag breaks frequently

2. There is a lot of grease left in the filter bag after use. It needs to be placed in a specially equipped bucket for a long time before it can flow out.

In view of these two phenomena, the best solution is to add two kinds of bag filter spare parts.

For the above two problems, a filter spare part can be used to solve them. That is, a floating ball, also called hollow ball, is placed in the precision filter. It can not only fix the filter bag, but also prevent it from constantly rubbing with the filter screen with the turbulent flow of oil, and can also reduce the residual oil in the filter to a low level.

How to select the filter bag for oil bleaching?

Because a lot of activated carbon and clay will be used as filter aids in edible oil refining process, these fine filter aids will inevitably flow into downstream oil products. Therefore, it is very important to select proper filter to capture activated carbon and clay for oil quality. Bag-type filters are often equipped with liquid filter bags to meet the requirements. According to the particle size of activated carbon and clay selected by different oil manufacturers, the fine particles may reach about 1 micron, which are difficult to be intercepted by ordinary filter bags. After years of field experience, we have developed a multi-layer high-efficiency filter bag with a high filtration accuracy of 0.5 μ m, which can completely filter activated carbon powder. It has good application in some special oil decolorization, rice oil decolorization and rapeseed oil decolorization.

Food filter bags are widely used in the food industry, mainly including milk, fruit juice, mineral water, honey, wine, spirits, beer, Baijiu, edible oil, syrup, starch processing and other products. It mainly removes particulate impurities, suspended solids, pulp, diatomite, etc. in the product.

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