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How to judge the replacement time of high efficiency air filter in junior middle school

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

Let's first look at the applications of various air filters:

Primary air filter: mainly used in office buildings, meeting rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, gymnasiums, airports and other large civil ventilation and air conditioning systems, household fresh air systems, ventilation and air purification systems of industrial plants.

Nylon mesh and metal mesh primary filter: for air filtration of central air conditioner and household air conditioner, it is used for primary filter with high acid and alkali resistance requirements.

Medium efficiency filter: used in the back channel of primary efficiency filter. Pharmaceutical, hospital, cosmetics, semiconductor electronic precision machinery, industrial and civil air conditioning filtration system, air purification system in surface spraying industry, etc.

High efficiency filter: advanced purification equipment, ultra clean oven and other air purification equipment requiring high temperature resistance.

After talking about the application of various filters, let's talk about how to judge the suitability of various filters and replace them.

Generally, the replacement time of primary efficiency filter as pre filter is 2-3 months, that of medium efficiency filter is about 3-4 months, that of sub high efficiency filter is about 6 months, and that of high efficiency filter is about 1 year without damage. If the high efficiency filter leaks, it needs to be repaired and replaced in time.

The above is a general case, so how can we correctly judge the replacement time? We need to use a differential pressure gauge. A differential pressure gauge is installed in front of the filter. When the differential pressure of the primary effect filter exceeds 250pa, it needs to be replaced. When the differential pressure of the medium effect filter reaches 330pa, it needs to be replaced. When the differential pressure of the sub high efficiency filter is 400pa and the differential pressure of the high efficiency filter is 450pa, it needs to be replaced.

In the process of using the junior high efficiency air filter, the wind speed of 1.5-2.5m/s is the best, while the wind speed of high efficiency and sub high efficiency air filter is 1.5m/s.

The pre filter, i.e. the primary air filter, can be replaced in time, which can appropriately prolong the service life of the post filter.

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