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How to maintain a medium efficiency filter?

Time : 2023-05-30 Hits : 3

The F9 medium efficiency bag filter is convenient and fast, and the frame and support frame can be reused. When replacing the filter, only the filter bag needs to be replaced, greatly reducing the overall operating cost. Due to its bag structure, its filtering area is large, resistance is small, ventilation is large, and dust capacity is large. It is currently the best structure medium efficiency filter, commonly used for intermediate filtration in air conditioning systems, and widely used in electronics, pharmaceuticals, medical Filtering systems in industries such as food.

The application of medium efficiency bag filters is so widespread, how can their products be maintained in later use? What should I pay attention to? Be sure to check the following points:

1. If something obstructs the surface of the bag air filter, it should be removed.

2. If the surface of the filter material of the bag filter is severely damaged, it needs to be replaced or reinstalled.

3. Regularly check whether the inlet of the bag air filter is blocked by debris and whether the surface of the filter material is damaged.

4. Do not hit the surface of the bag air filter with heavy objects, nor do you forcefully pull on the surface of the filter.

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