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How to prevent tearing of filter bag in work

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

In the daily desulfurization of filter cloth bags, tearing often occurs. The following are several methods to prevent the tearing of filter cloth analyzed and summarized by Zhejiang Wenxing filter material Co., Ltd. for your reference: 1. Regularly lubricate the bearing of the dehydrator. 2. Check the vacuum belt conveyor every day to see if there is abnormal rotation. Stop the operation of the belt conveyor immediately and repair it to ensure that it can operate normally. In this way, the idler of the filter cloth can rotate flexibly. 3. Regularly adjust the tightness of the tension roller of the filter cloth of the dehydrator to prevent the looseness from affecting the operation of the dehydrator. 4. Operators shall install industrial TV monitors and some emergency prevention tools on site to ensure the tearing of filter cloth. 5. Assign special personnel to watch TV monitors to ensure the operation of the site 6. The filter cloth, idler, return, head filter cloth, etc. shall be cleaned and flushed after a period of time to ensure the safe operation of the site without any problems. 7. During operation, ensure that the lubricating water on the vacuum belt conveyor is sufficient and unblocked to prevent the aging belt from generating heat due to dry grinding. 8. Check whether the joints and components of the vacuum belt dehydrator are loose; Pay attention to the running current of the vacuum pump and the damage and tension of the belt. 9. Frequently monitor the operation of the belt and filter cloth of the vacuum belt conveyor. In case of tearing, deviation and other phenomena, immediately shut down the machine and notify the maintenance personnel to deal with them.

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