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How to select filter cartridges?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

The dedusting filter cartridge has now become an indispensable part of industrial purification, so how to select satisfactory dedusting filter cartridge equipment?

The dedusting cylinder required by industry can be divided into three parts: environment, engineering and economic cost.

For environmental equipment, the location of the equipment, available space, surrounding conditions (such as water and electricity supply, waste treatment and disposal), large allowable discharge concentration, possible waste water and solid waste, etc. shall be considered. If the facilities of the surrounding dedusting cylinder are not satisfied, the further work of the dedusting cylinder will be affected, causing environmental pollution events.

If the dedusting filter cartridge is used in the project, what measures should be prepared? At, we remind you that you can consider the characteristics of Yousai dust gas and smoke. For dust filter cartridges that do not meet the standards, you must reject them to avoid the impact on the later industrial purification work. On the other hand, the dedusting cylinder has strict requirements on the design and performance of the dedusting system and must be purchased according to the standard.

Some economic factors, such as general preparation cost, setting cost and engineering cost, need to be considered when purchasing the dedusting filter cartridge. If the cost of the dust collector exceeds our tolerance, please do not purchase it. Otherwise, it is easy to cause financial losses. Later, when purchasing the dust collector, you need to consider the brand. For the unfamiliar brand of dust collector, we must refuse to bring unnecessary losses to ourselves.

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