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How wide can the needle punched cotton be?

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

There are many needle punched cotton factories that do not have stock storage, and they generally need to be customized, because the application scenarios of needle punched cotton can be said to be varied, and the specifications used are also different. It is difficult to say that there are commonly used sizes. Ten customers may have to customize needle punched cotton of ten different specifications. In addition to the weight and thickness, customers will also be concerned about the problem of width, How wide can SFFILTECH fiber be?

In fact, the maximum width of needle punched cotton depends on the width of the production line equipment. Zhicheng Fiber has 3.6 meters of production equipment, so it is no problem to customize the width between 0.13 meters and 3.2 meters according to customers' needs. Of course, not only the width supports customization, but also the weight, thickness, feel and hardness can be customized!

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