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Importance of High Efficiency Filter in Pharmaceutical Industry

Time : 2023-06-27 Hits : 3

In the pharmaceutical industry, in order to ensure the quality and safety of drugs, pharmaceutical enterprises have very high requirements for the cleanliness of the internal production environment pollution and temperature and humidity. The design of the pharmaceutical industry clean room has an important impact on the requirements of high efficiency air filters. High efficiency filters (HEPA) are used for air treatment and filtering terminal filters in production spaces. Sterile production requires the mandatory use of high efficiency filters, while solid and semi-solid dosage forms are sometimes used.

At present, China's high efficiency filters have made great breakthroughs in technology. In high-tech production industry, the application coverage of high efficiency filters has reached 70%. Therefore, the development prospect of high efficiency filter in the domestic market is very considerable.

The high efficiency filter is mainly used to collect particulate dust and various suspended solids below 0.5um as the end filtration of various filtration systems. It has the characteristics of high filtering power, low resistance, large dust capacity, etc. It is used for the air supply at the end of the air conditioner in professional dust-free purification workshops such as optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal production, biomedicine, precision instruments, beverages and food, PCB printing, etc. Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for HEPA filters has been increasing in recent years.

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