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Importance of liquid filter bag cleaning

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 5

Compared with the traditional tank container, the liquid bag can carry more goods, 40% more than the original container, so the number of containers required can be reduced, which can save money. Bulkhead can be installed in the bag, which is equal to a heat preservation device. Its high temperature is 80 ℃. This device has a temperature requirement, which is very good. It can keep these liquids warm. This is not possible with traditional cans. Its operation is simple. It only needs a few people and some pipes to complete the operation. However, the traditional IBC and tank container require dozens of workers to complete the loading. Liquid filter bag is one of the key components of the filter. Generally speaking, it has the following features: 1. Stainless steel welding technology is generally used for liquid filter bag. The horizontal error is less than 0.2mm. Make it installed in the equipment to improve the sealing degree and reduce the probability of side leakage. Make the filter bag diameter error less than 0.5mm. 2. The label on the filter bag indicating the product specification and model shall be easy to replace to avoid the pollution of the filter bag label and ink on the filtrate during operation. 3. Generally speaking, the products are produced by high-speed industrial sewing machines without silicon oil cooling, because this production form will not cause silicon oil pollution. 4. The filtration precision ranges from 0.5 to 300 microns. The data are divided into polyester, polypropylene, nylon and other materials. Generally speaking, liquid filter bag products can be used in industrial liquids, such as ink, electroplating paint, chemical, food and other chemical liquids. Acid resistance and low mechanical strength of the fiber can also be reused.

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