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Main characteristics of positive pressure bag filter

Time : 2023-06-21 Hits : 7

Positive pressure bag filter is a common industrial dust removal equipment, with the main characteristics as follows:

Simple and compact structure: The positive pressure bag filter adopts a box structure, occupying small space, and is easy to install and maintain.

High dust removal efficiency: The positive pressure bag filter uses cloth bags for filtration, which has high filtration efficiency and can effectively filter out dust and fine particles.

Strong applicability: Positive pressure bag filter is suitable for various industrial fields, such as cement, metallurgy, chemical, building materials, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

High degree of automation: The positive pressure bag dust collector adopts pulse cleaning technology, which has good cleaning effect and high degree of automation. It can achieve automatic control and remote monitoring.

Energy saving and electricity saving: Positive pressure bag filter can effectively save energy and reduce operating costs.

It should be noted that there are also some shortcomings in the use of positive pressure bag filters, such as slow filtration speed and high energy consumption during ash cleaning. Therefore, when selecting equipment, it is necessary to consider the specific situation comprehensively.

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