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Main role of air filter in radioactive waste gas treatment

Time : 2023-06-28 Hits : 3

The radioactive exhaust gas of the air filter belongs to the gas that is relatively harmful to the human body, Air filter is very important for its treatment method. Therefore, air filter is generally used for treatment in the industry. The main functions of various air filters will be described below. Air filter radioactive waste gas purification technology: there are many methods for waste gas purification, including filtration, adsorption, washing, retention and decay. Common exhaust gas purification equipment includes: filtration: air inlet prefilter (used to remove the dust from the air inlet, with a filtering efficiency of at least 85%); air exhaust prefilter (installed before the high-efficiency air particle filter, to remove the coarse particles in the air flow and improve the service life of the high-efficiency particle air filter, with a filtering efficiency of at least 85%); and high-efficiency filter (used to collect the fine particles in the air flow, with a filtering efficiency of at least 95%) High efficiency particulate air filter (absolute filter HEPA is used to collect ultra-fine particles and dust in exhaust gas, for particle size < 0.3 μ M U.M particles, removal efficiency > 99.97%)) iodine filter (iodine adsorber usually uses 1% ki impregnated activated carbon as the medium, the removal rate of elemental iodine can reach 99.9%, and the removal rate of organic iodine can reach 99%)) other types of filters (bag filter, metal sintered filter, ceramic candle filter, ruthenium filter).

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